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Navigating Excellence: Seamlessly Blending Tradition with Innovation

Our Services

Yacht Sales

Delves Yachts guides clients through the acquisition process, leveraging our in-depth knowledge to help them select vessels that align with their preferences and lifestyle.

Charter Sales

For those desiring a taste of luxury without the commitment, our curated luxury yacht charters offer unparalleled experiences, showcasing the best of the seas.

Delves Yachts, though newly formed, stands on the solid foundation of a decade of firsthand experiences at sea. We bring a fresh perspective to the world of luxury yachting, fusing the energy of a startup with the wisdom derived from ten years of navigating the open waters. Our commitment goes beyond just selling yachts; we aspire to create lasting relationships, recognising that the vessel’s purchase is merely the inception of a thrilling maritime journey.

A Decade at Sea

Delves Yachts proudly boasts ten years of hands-on experience at sea, laying the groundwork for a company deeply connected to the pulse of the maritime world.

Product Mastery

Our team knows our products inside and out. From the intricacies of yacht design to the nuances of onboard systems, Delves Yachts brings unparalleled expertise to every aspect of luxury yachting.

Ongoing Relationships

At Delves Yachts, we view the purchase of a vessel as the initiation of a long-term relationship. Beyond the transaction, we are dedicated to supporting our clients throughout their yachting journeys, ensuring that every voyage is as exceptional as the first.

“When I worked with Rory, I found him to be incredibly professional, personable, and displayed a depth of knowledge on the industry as a whole.

Rory has a great presence and was exceptional with the clients and crew alike – it was obvious that building trust and longstanding relationships was very important to Rory and is a skill that comes naturally to him.

I have no doubt that Rory’s on-board knowledge in conjunction with his interpersonal skills and loyalty will propel him forward at a rate of knots into the next chapter of his yachting career. He would be a great asset to any brokerage company.”

James Cooke – Captain 60m Motor Yacht

Commitment to Ongoing Relationships

Beyond the Purchase

Delves Yachts understands that the real adventure begins after the purchase. We are committed to providing continuous support, advice, and services to enhance our clients’ yachting experiences.

Tailored Assistance

From itinerary planning to onboard enhancements, our team remains by your side, offering personalized assistance to ensure that each voyage surpasses expectations.

Rory Delves

Rory Delves

Company Director

  • Chief Officer Experience: Rory’s four-year tenure in a managerial role showcases his ability to oversee vessel operations with a balance of efficiency and attention to detail.
  • Client Relations: Experienced in interacting with boat owners, charter clients, and private individuals, Rory is skilled in understanding and fulfilling their requests, fostering long-lasting relationships.
  • Yacht Industry Network: Rory has actively built a robust network within the yacht industry, including contacts such as yacht agents, managers, brokers, and potential clients.
  • Qualifications:
    • MCA CM3000: Rory holds the MCA CM3000 qualification, demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning and staying updated on maritime regulations and safety standards.